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Products Overview

These days, aluminium fabrication is becoming extremely popular amongst the businesses due to environmental protection. You may find aluminium products everywhere in product presentation and transportation. Some distinct features are excellent corrosion resistant, malleable, extruded in section, strong and most important its lightweight. We, at AluCase, bring an extensive collection of Aluminium briefcase, boxes, presentation cases, special cases and many more products at very reasonable prices. Our products are ideal for OEM aluminium packaging applications.

Please browse through our product categories below to get a wide range of aluminium cases that meet every customer needs. We have different types of cases from heavy duty to light-duty, various range of finish from textured, shiny to smooth, and of course different anodized (electrolytic passivation) colour as per your requirements for corrosion and wear resistance. Please specify your custom requirements and we will ensure the finish, color and as per size specifications.

Aluminium Case

Perfect range for rough and tough applications.

Presentation Briefcase

Make perfect impression with right case.

Travel Suitcase

Reliable travel partner with style and confidence.

Elegant Aluminium Boxes

Good looking box for your valuables and style.

Aluminium Pilotcase

Easy to carry, access to your items and storage.

Modular Aluminium Boxes

Easy for you to upgrade, case-by-case.

Aluminium Flightcase

Tough enough to take all transportation problems.

Aluminium Tool case

Handyman, this is your reliable subordinate.

Aluminium FirstAid boxes

In emergency, this case is the first one to have.

Aluminium Cosmetic Case

For all pretty ladies, this is your honest companion

Aluminium Gun Case

Long and slender to carry your arms safely.

Aluminium Boxes

Suitable to carry many items during the exhibition or international show.

In case you are finding any difficulty to select the best case according to your requirements, then you can contact our team members for assistance. To place your order for custom-made products, just discuss your requirements with our staff members today!

Aluminium Case

This is a classic range of cases with aluminium frame and diamond textures sheets with reinforced metal corners plates. This case is ideal for rough transportation of items and looks very rugged and strong. This can be customized to any size and dimension as well as the accessories you choose.

Aluminium Boxes

Suitable to carry many items during the exhibition or international show. This is a heavy duty range of boxes for transportation, storage of your valuable products or items suitably spaced with foam partitions. Easily customizable with your logo and accessories requirements specific to your needs.

Aluminium Flight Case

These cases are the best way to transport your items and belongings in a safer and protected way. Both option of wheeled and standard flight case are available as per your requirements. Available is various finish and color and compressible, soft protective linings ensures maximum protection during rough transportation vibrations. All type of customization is possible as per your requirements on size, precut foam, wheels and finish.

Aluminium Cosmetic Case

All the pretty ladies and girls, keep your cosmetics and makeup and vanity kits at one single place with this beautiful case which comes in various sizes, color and finish. These cases are also perfect for professional makeup artists to carry their tools and items at one place with easy access to all the items whenever they need them. Available is pink and leather textures as you need with the most elegant designs in the market.

Aluminiuim Firstaid Case

Emergency situations are unforeseen, however you always need to be ready with first-aid very handy for these emergency situations. Aluminium first-aid case is a perfect solution to carry allt he medical items safely and easily in car, office buildings, road, clinics, hotels, rapid transport and many other places where unforeseen accident happen. Please let us know your requirements and we are happy to make a first-aid aluminium case for you.

Aluminum Gun Case

These are long cases to accommodate long items such as guns, rifles, scales, rackets and many other items. They are lightweight and perfect for hand carry to protect all the items for transportation. These can be customized as per your requirements to accommodate additional gun barrels or any other items you may need.

Aluminum Instrument Case

Elegantly designed to carry valuable products in medical devices, precision engineering instruments, and technological items for presentation. These briefcases come in five fixed sizes anodized hard coat aluminium shell. Fully customizable inserts with various grades and laser cutting, Laser engraved logo and accessories packaging.

Aluminum Modular Boxes

Suitable for transportation of assorted items of a larger sub-assembly. Specially developed for professionals with different compartments as per specific requirements. The modular construction allows for selection of configurations as per requirements. Perfect companion for international trade-shows, sales-kit and professionals who would like to carry their assortments.

Aluminum Pilot Case

This range of case designed to specific requirements of aircraft pilots with easy access to various items. The smaller sizes come with standard handle system and bigger sizes come to reliable trolley and castor system. This case is very popular with international business traveller who carry various items for the exhibitions.

Aluminum Tool Case

Specially designed for Handyman with all the tools in one case at his disposal. There is case for all the space you need for your tooling and items for easy access, storage and transportation. Perfect for maintenance and service personnel to carry their items to work. This case is very strong and designed for rough everyday usage. This aluminium toolbox is fully customizable to your requirements. We have all the items you need to make the case just for you.

Aluminum Trolley Case

Hey professionals, you want to make a style statement? Go ahead and flaunt your stylish, sleek and sexy Aluminium Trolley case, which is tough, state of the art and environmental friendly. Silver aluminium trim, rugged side castors, multiple choices of locks and trolley assembly. These models come is all sizes and combinations and is fully customizable to your needs, be it OEM Aluminium case or for your personal usage, we have it all.

Elegant Aluminium Boxes

These box design comes with smooth rounded sections and rounded plastics corners. This makes it visually elegant design. Fully customizable to your requirements with partition, logo, surface texture, colour and foam inserts.

Elegant Aluminum Case

These ranges of cases are with round plastic corner looks visually elegant for your transportation of engineering instruments. The textured sheet can be of different colour such as black and with plastic reinforced aluminium cladding.

Presentation Aluminum Case

These range of cases are highly suitable for presentation of precision engineered parts, small electrical parts, very important documents. The case can be customized to accommodate your items with laser cut foam inserts and laser engraving company logo.

Travel Aluminum Suitcase

Perfect travel partner range available in varied sizes and design. Fully customizable for foam inserts, logo engraving, partitions and nylon lining. The bigger sizes come with heavy duty castors and trolley arrangements perfect for your comfort during international travels.

Aluminium Case Accessories

All our cases are customizable as per your requirements. There is assortment of accessories which you can choose from besed on your specific requirements.